Islamabad - A solo painting exhibition by Muscat-based artist, Sara Riaz continues to attract a large number of art lovers and visitors here at Nomad Art Gallery (NAG).

The exhibition titled “Earth in My Bones” started on Sept 28 (Monday) was an evocative, multi-layered poetic and erudite collection of paintings by the artist, emerging from deeply etched experiences and nature reflections of sub-conscious.

According to the gallery’s curator, Nageen Hayat, “Sara’s work demands attention; it reflects an appropriation of ideas in movement and seminal thoughts through tonal values, powerful strokes and pure, conceptual ideas”.

The artist, Sara Riaz in her own personal statement said, I am inspired by nature and the human condition, working mainly in oil and gesso. Layering, staining and mark-making allows me to connect with the earth.

The series reflects an internal topography she has started scratching the surface of, a no-man’s land in time and space.

“Painting is the part of me that dreams, and accessing that part equilibrates my practical nature,” she added.

The personal connection that Sara feels towards nature has been a consistent theme in her work.

As she herself mentions, “I have been increasingly concerned with people choosing to find differences instead of celebrating the similarities which make us human.

This body of work highlights fact that we are all ultimately connected to the natural world and made of the same elements and minerals. I had expressed my initial ideas through the poem Earth in My Bones, “Breathing minerals and chalk dust, I am rubble, am silt”.

At first, Sara was drawn to images of stones, crystals and rock strata.

However, as she worked, she found these visuals limiting and as such, she felt the need to source a more internalized and personal response. “As I considered my approach and stopped trying to impose imagery from the landscape, the paintings began to emerge from the canvas by themselves,” she narrates with a greater sense of contentment over the results that she has thus obtained.

Referring to the technical strengths of her work, she said, “There is a reference in the poem to standing right beside you in my bones, just renting space.

Our time here is limited and looking beyond ourselves is the first step to nurturing the world,” the artist states. The exhibition will continue till October 10.