New Delhi: Days after a Muslim man lynched on beef consuming rumors, mob in the Indian state of Maharashtra set a van on fire following rumors that it was carrying beef, Indian media reported on Tuesday.

The van was stopped after locals suspected it was carrying beef and after investigating the meat it was carrying, around 100 people torched the vehicle. “They stopped the van and checked it and it appeared to them that the meat was beef and they set it on fire,” a police official said.

The police later said that preliminary investigations suggested the meat being transported was indeed around 100 kg of beef. The sale and consumption of beef is illegal in Maharashtra. Though the van was partially damaged, the driver remained unharmed. “A case has been registered against unknown people who were involved in burning the vehicle, as well as against the driver who despite the ban was transporting the meat,” police officers said.

The incident comes days after a mob in India beat to death an old Muslim man and severely injured his son following rumors that he and his family had been consuming beef. Residents of the Bisara village in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh, attacked the family of Muhammad Akhlaq, 50, after a local temple reportedly spread rumors that some Muslims had been slaughtering cows, police officials said.

Akhlaq himself was beaten to death while his 22-year-old son was severely wounded, they added.