LAHORE - Disgruntled Senator of the PML-N Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khan Khosa sees N-leadership turning more arrogant and conceited if emerges victorious in NA-122 by-polls.

Giving his views on the by-polls former governor Punjab, Senator Zulfiqar Khosa told this scribe that the PTI would get votes due to poor performance of the government. He, however, admitted that Lahore was political stronghold of PML-N and PTI candidate Aleem Khan was not a strong candidate like Imran Khan who had previously faced Ayaz Sadiq of N-League. Sardar Khosa believed that N-League was sustaining Lahore as its political hub by the dint of spending funds of the whole province on this city.

Referring to poor health facilities in his native district Dera Ghazi Khan and other parts, he said hospitals were without staff and medicines to treat the poor and the public funds were being utliised on Metros which were not only scandalous but also a burden on the national kitty.

“The whole south is crying for potable water but focus of development is Lahore,” he lamented. Khosa apprehended that Sharifs would become more stiff-neck and haughty if win the by-polls in the city.

About the PTI victory, Khosa viewed it would hugely corroborate stand of Imran Khan about rigging in the May 2013 elections.

Khosa is an estranged PML-N leader for two years. He claims that during this period step-motherly treatment was meted out to ideological and die-hard workers of the party and Sharifs preferred to their cronies over them.

He is spearheading a move to agglomerate all factions of Muslim Leagues, plus ideological workers of the N-League, with a view to reviving the basic Muslim League that factored creation of Pakistan. About the Lahore by-polls, rest of the Leagues, except AML of Sheikh Rashid, are posing neutral.

Hitting hard at the PML-N leaders, Khosa blamed that they had surpassed the corruption level of even PPP government. In Nandipur, Solar Park, Metros, PIA all were tainted with corruption and it was high time that process of accountability could be initiated on that, he said adding, accountability should not be limited to Karachi and Sindh but to all four provinces.