LAHORE - Dr Rizwan Naseer is likely to be reappointed as Rescue-1122 Director General despite serious allegations of misconduct, inefficiency and one-man show.

Poised to oblige the pioneer DG of Punjab Rescue Service who is currently unemployed, the Home department recently moved a recommendation summary for selection of Dr Rizwan Naseer as the Rescue chief.

Total fourteen applications were received for the post of DG 1122, however, five including Brig (r) Arshad Zia, Brig (r) Tariq Hussain Muredi, Dr Rizwan Naseer, Dr Foad Shahzad Mirza and Dr Zafar Shah were shortlisted.

The CM Punjab had constituted a committee comprising Chief Secretary as Chairman while Home secretary, Services secretary, Speacialised Healthcare secretary and Dr Zafar Iqbal Quraishi as members. As per sources, Rizwan Naseer was awarded 9.5 marks out of total 10 in an interview judging the experience for the said post.

One of the other contenders, Brig (r) Arshad Zia, got 7.5 marks; but the most interesting case is of Brig (r) Tariq Mureedi who was awarded only 2 marks against his 30 years of administrative experience in armed forces and holding a Masters degree in Disaster Management, not to mention his previous experience in Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA). Others also failed to qualify for the post of DG Rescue.

Previously, Dr Rizwan Naseer was posted as Principal of the Punjab Emergency Service Academy (PES) in July 2015 after he served more than a decade as DG Rescue 1122. There were many allegations against the DG as he was principal accounting officer of the Rescue 1122.

Also, in the past, the CMIT chairman in his report conducted in 2010 recommended to the Chief Minister to refer the matter to anti-corruption, but the file was closed with the comments: “Chief Minister has seen. Thanks. No further Action”.

In other CMIT reports on Ghakkar Plaza and LDA Plaza fire incidents that claimed more than 23 lives, Dr Rizawn Naseer was held responsible due to his inefficacy and mismanagement, and it was also recommended to proceed against him as per law.

Surprisingly, the Home Department against its own detailed report on misconduct, inefficacy, irregularities and corruption of the former Rescue boss has now proposed the name of Dr Rizwan Naseer for the said post.

A writ petition is already pending in the high court that claims that the Home Department has advertised the post against its own recommendations suggesting necessary changes in criteria for obliging the unemployed Dr Rizwan Naseer after his departure from Pakistan Red Crescent Society.