If FATA is merged with KP without holding a referendum, it will be a violation of basic human rights of the people of FATA. Rather than taking this worrisome step, the government should consider creating a new province so that the people can be empowered and given a fair representation. 

People living in South Punjab, Hazara, and Abbottabad, have also been demanding separate provinces. In spite of promises made by PPP, no action has been taken regarding their demands. 

The system of oligarchy that has been established in Pakistan has proven to be tremendously troublesome for the people. The population is kept poor and ignorant, so they continue to serve as slaves to the system. This has also kept the nation 60 years behind in regards to education, and 100 years behind the actual benefits of democracy. 

If the demand for a separate Muslim homeland was made by the common population, why has the ruling elite monopolised this ‘land of the pure’? The blood of the common man is being sucked and invested into the pockets of the ruling elite, so they can lead a comfortable life while the people are left to suffer. 


Lahore, September 18.