LAHORE: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that India is earning the sympathies of the world through her false propaganda whereas the Pakistan government had failed to convince the world of its just stance on the Kashmir issue and related developments. 

Talking to the media after attending the joint session of the parliament on Thursday, he termed the cancellation of the SAARC conference as a failure of the government and said that efforts were now being made to cover it up.

He said that US President Obama’s skipping the Kashmir issue in his address at the UN General Assembly was an ample proof that the government had failed to highlight the issue on the foreign front.

He said that on one hand India was influencing the world opinion by talking nonsense and Uri like dramas but on the other hand, the Foreign Ministry in Islamabad only had a long lists of failure to its credit.

The JI chief said it was government’s practice to summon the parliament session but it did not answer most of the questions from the members. 

He counseled the government to have the courage to tolerate criticism and also learn the art of apologizing or keeping silent on its failures instead of showing stubbornness.

Sirajul Haq said that the large cache of arms and ammunition seized in Karachi was enough to destroy the entire port city. He said thatKarachi was the economic engine of the country and any attempt to shut down the engine or seizing it was tantamount to seizing the whole country.

He demanded of the government to explain who had brought these arms and from where, and also to explain if the government agencies and security institutions were asleep when these arms were being brought. He said that if politics was not separated from crime even now, it could lead to a big disaster.

He said the haul of such a big cache of arms and ammunition made it clear that still there were several underground terrorist organizations in Karachi which played with the national security by unleashing Shia-Sunni clashes. He said the government would have to answer what were the objective of those who had brought these arms and ammunition.