There used to be a time when being labelled as a “gold digger” was considered a disgrace and shame, but now it’s not only something very obvious but also commended as something to be proud of. The percentage is rising day by day because they know what they’re doing is socially acceptable. The basic problem is that people nowadays have started considering money as an attribute of success and successful is what everyone wants to become. Consumption over love. The most interesting part about these “gold diggers” is that they all belong to good families and tend to be well educated. Girls choose their partners entirely based on the number of credit cards they have or the size of their wallets. They behave as if feminism never happened. Even men follow the same philosophy now. There are too many men out there who want a woman to take care of them and their expenses, they want to marry a girl who’s going to bring an awesome car and a big apartment or some land in a good area in her dowry. It’s a major turn off and I honestly have no respect for such men who are content with letting women buy them things and take care of them like he’s entitled or a kid. I haven’t heard about any rich man wishing to marry a girl who’s financially poor and even if he wants to, his family would never ever allow him to do so.

Arranged marriages used to be arranged by the parents on the basis of how talented and well educated the guy is and how well-mannered and caring the girl is. All this happens in fairy tales now. A girl or a guy belonging to a middle class family, no matter how hardworking, how loving, how well educated or well-groomed, are rejected just because of his financial status. All the human interaction is now reduced to the level of a business deal. Men are buying women and women are selling themselves in a way. Saying this might sound like insulting men and calling women cheap but this is the bitter reality of today’s generation. Think for a while, are we all for sale? Is all this ethically right? But who cares about all this now?

A few months ago I read a story, which had gone viral on social media, about a guy who was rejected by the daughter of a rich man just because he wasn’t financially stable and later he became successful and the girl regretted rejecting him. To be honest I found it quite unrealistic. First of all I would suggest people to not take it as a reference, because it happens once in a million. Secondly, the moral of the story was that we shouldn’t judge anyone on the basis of their social or economic standing, but in the end it still just glorifies wealth as the only redeeming quality one can find in a significant other.

Usually these gold diggers keep asking “where are all the good men/women?” Well, they’re with the good women/men and apparently you aren’t one of them.

Media has a huge impact on such people and it’s the root cause of this percentage increasing day by day. The media is making it a fashion symbol. There are even some specific websites that are promoting this. To be precise, there is a large number of people who get attracted by what’s being displayed on the TV especially the ads and commercials. They don’t even know the psychology behind these commercials. They make you crave for something you don’t need and then giving you a wrong path to fulfil those so called needs and you end up going crazy for it sometimes because of peer pressure, sometimes because of your own craving for it and sometimes just because it’s trending.

As a poor one, it’s very easy to fall in love with someone who’s already well settled and has everything and a lot more easier to stay in love with them, but actual love is when the other person has nothing and you still choose to stay with them. Going after someone successful doesn’t guarantee you anything. Sure you’d get your bills paid, phone recharged and a lot of gifts as well, but it won’t last forever; they can drop you like a hot potato anytime they want. When life turns ugly you’d be in big trouble because you were completely dependent on the other person. I’m not asking you to go for a person who can’t give you a good lifestyle, but to take out these unrealistic standards from your mind and be a bit practical rather than being greedy and lazy.

Laziness is inexcusable. Get good education, build your own career, raise your standards and learn the difference between having “high standards” and being a “gold digger”.