The drama that unfolded when visitors were barred outside the Federal Judicial Complex (FJC) by the Rangers has still not ended it seems. Rangers personnel have unilaterally withdrawn from guarding the Parliament house and the force had asked for written instructions in this regard. Following the departure, Frontier Constabulary has taken charge of providing security services to the building. The recent move can be seen as a reaction to the rage shown by Interior Minister when he was told not to attend the proceedings of the accountability court in a case against former Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif.

What is surprising still is that Rangers have still not provided any explanation of their behaviour. Neither DG Rangers nor any other related office has come forward with any justification in this regard. Instead of giving any reasonable and justifiable excuse and accepting that the force is subservient to the Interior Ministry – which they are under the constitution – the latest move has turned all events into a long and excruciating drama.

The on-going clash, which people see as civil-military rift and a further worsening of their relations, is perfect fodder for sensationalist cable television and forces that prey on propagating this divide.

The Rangers need to recognise when they are at fault and face the consequences of their actions. It is their responsibility, as an institution of the Pakistani state, to take actions that stabilise the country, not throw it into further uncertainty. Instead of playing a responsible role the Rangers, through this harsh unilateral action, are propagating a clash of the institutions. It is clear now that the body overstepped its bounds on Monday – without a ready explanation that is the only conclusion we can reach. Accepting mistakes is not a symbol of weakness. Instead, it helps in smooth running of state affairs.

Because of this – unnecessary – political conflict that is yet to be resolved, uncertainty about the state’s future is rife. One of the indicators of political stability – the stock exchange – is also severely affected. The market is in decline since Wednesday. The reason, according to experts, is the fears of investors because of volatile political circumstances of the country. If the rift continues, the stock exchange is likely to be in decline in the coming days. When the country is in need of stable economy, such clashes will affect the economy of the state adversely.

The Rangers need to be reminded that the paramilitary force should give priority to the interest of Pakistan. Much catastrophe has been wreaked in this country by men with guns overstepping their bounds. The Rangers need to tackle the issue maturely and keep the bitter history of misadventures in mind.