Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital happens to be one of the most renowned cancer hospitals in the world. It is treating a huge number of patients suffering from cancer and there isn’t a single thing they are lacking or ignoring. Everything is seen to in the best possible way with the best possible facilities for the patients. The Shaukat Khanum Hospital is truly a blessing for common people who have the opportunity to get cancer treatment at this prestigious institute irrespective of their ability to pay.

I am very pleased by how the hospital is helping cancer patients. Moreover, the hospital also has people who speak Pushto, which is really helpful as nearly half the patients and their guardians are Pashtuns. Furthermore, the whole system is managed perfectly.

I would end my letter by adding that I got an excellent hospital tour by its experienced people. The inspiration behind this hospital is admirable and a model for all hospitals. Lots of prayers for it.


Chicago, USA, October 3.