MIRPUR (AJK)-Universal Teachers Day was also observed across Azad Jammu & Kashmir on Friday with renewal of the pledge to continue upholding the due respect and honour of the teachers as much as possible.

Parents and students conveyed good wishes to teachers coupled with prayers for long lives of the teachers and their prosperity. Special meetings and rallies of both teachers and students were held in various places including Mirpur to mark the day.

Addressing an impressive ceremony hosted at local campus of International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) School here to mark the world teachers day, Director Atiqul Amina Khan, Principal Mrs Ayesha Imran Mirza, Vice Principal Maria Attique and other academicians and students highlighted the superiority and importance of the relation between student and teacher as also confided and determined in the teachings of Islam. Speakers emphasized the need for maintaining high decorum of the relation of teacher and student through showing maximum respect and honour for the teachers all the time.

The IIUI school teachers wore crowns to their students to express love and affection with their students. Students on this occasion prayed for the prosperity and good luck of their teachers besides for their good health and long life.

Addressing the ceremony Principal Mrs. Ayesha Imran Mirza advised the children to always respect their teachers - since they are next to their parents in respect of honour and dignity.

She advised the students for obeying orders of teacher all the time to keep souls satisfied besides fully acting upon the Islamic teachings which enshrined the superior status of the sanctified relation between student and teacher.

The school management, earlier, distributed gifts among academic and non-academic staff besides rising stars as a sign of renewal of the pledge of unity and team work on the occasion of the world teachers day.

Parents sent complementary cards bearing good wishes to teachers of their children to express solidarity and respect for them.

Meanwhile, an old student of a Hyderabad Nursery School Miss Saima Manzoor, while expressing her respectful feelings for her first Nursery class school teacher on world teachers day said in a message “Teacher’s day provide an opportunity students to pay tribute to their teachers, who have not only been mentors, but also their guide to life, their friends, their companions and just like their parents.

Miss Gulnar, my FIRST Nursery Class Teacher in St Marry’s Girls High School Hyderabad, is the same for me. I never forget your decent, robust, guiding and caring role in my life. In school all students were just like your own daughters. Now after joining the same profession, I understand why you were so sensitive about your students.