MULTAN-A consultative workshop on Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) was jointly organised by IPAD & Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) and chaired by Muhammad Sarfraz President of MCCI.

Speakers at an awareness seminar called upon the philanthropists and donors to select trustworthy organisations or individuals while pooling their contribution in charity for uplift of the society.

At the seminar, attended by people belonging to different businesses, speakers highlighted the importance of charity with serious note that it should be reached to deserving persons instead of its utilization for destabilising the country. The participants were informed that around Rs550 billion are being donated in charity in Pakistan annually which is the biggest chunk the world over and if that amount utilised for the uplift of the society, a new era of progress and prosperity could be achieved in the country within shortest possible time.

MCCI President Muhammad Sarfraz said that Multan chamber is already performing its responsibilities to keep its members well informed about growing global as well as local issues. "Since we are peace-loving people, we are endeavouring to develop a congenial and peaceful atmosphere in our society," he pointed out.

Mian Rashid Iqbal, Member executive committee, said that developed countries are creating troubles for the developing and poor countries by imposing unjust restrictions to increase their cost of production so that they could not compete them. MCCI Vice President Sheikh Muhammad Amjad said that adhocism is the main problem of Pakistan because we are not ready to take solid measures for our own safety. Misha'al Tahir Executive Director of IPAD said that in Pakistan, thousands of charity organisations are working in social welfare and development sector in education, healthcare, economic uplift of individuals and communities. It is very important we redirect our donations to charities helping victims and survivors of terrorism by raising awareness towards misuse of their funding in the shape of terrorist financing.

Sultan Mehmood, Khurram Javed Secretary General of MCCI and Abjad Nazir said Pakistan is blessed with many charities, social welfare organizations and religious groups who do fantastic work helping the under developed. Below are a few examples of charities who, through, their work, help and support victims of violence.