Smoking is considered as a major killer of humanity in all over the world. As tobacco contains more than 400 toxic substances and 400 chemical compounds which can create several deadful diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, lungs problems and many more related to kidney, livers and pancrease. 

According to a research that around 5.5 million people die due to smoking but unfortunately, it is yet being used commonly. The people can be seen smoking openly in every places like hospitals, banks, colleges, universities even the students of schools means children under 18 use to smoke as a fashion which can be proved very much dangerous for their healths and country's new generation either. 

So, it is my humble request to the PM of Pakistan to take firm actions on this actionable issue for ruining the smoking culture from the roots. If today's generation would be protected from such dangerous culture of smoking then we would expect changes for upcoming generation as the government should put a strong ban on smoking for saving the country's future. 


Makran, September 25.