Islamabad - Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) has taken serious notice of a video which went viral on social media in which big branches of trees are being chopped off on the roadside in sector I-8.

The video uploaded by a resident of the sector, Ehtasham Anwar revealed that the chopped branches were being loaded in a Suzuki pickup.

“Since the last few days, early in the morning, I have been noticing a number of individuals chopping off big branches of trees planted in medians and on roadside in I-8. I approached them this morning to find out their identity.

They turned out to be private persons. Further questions revealed that the activity was taking place with the permission of a CDA supervisor named Allah Ditta,” Ehtasham Anwar said in a post.

The Chairman, according to the sources, has instructed proper investigation into the matter and a fact finding report with area of jurisdiction, fixation of responsibility and recommendations, enabling redressal of public grievances from Director Environment Protection Cell.

He has been asked to adopt a vigilance mechanism with regard to cutting of trees, branches from roads, streets, medians and elsewhere across Islamabad.

Meanwhile, the Authority has asked Director Land and Rehabilitation Syed Jawad Muzaffar to report to HRD and look after charge has been given to Deputy Director Urban Planning-II, Tauqeer Nawaz.