People voted for PTI because they promised to bring about change, widen tax net, stop pilferage in foreign exchange, curtail money laundering, promote investment in industry, increase exports and resurrect economy. It was negativity generated by allegations of corruption of PML(N) and PPP, which placed PTI on a higher moral pedestal and win seats. However if PTI remains obsessed with mantra of PML(N) corruption, it is likely to lose sight of expectations of their constituency. 

Instead of widening tax net it has waived restrictions on non-filers, which were put in place by PML(N), knowing full well that black money is parked there. As long as lucrative profits on real estate business are not taxed, there will be no incentive to invest in employment generating industries, nor will exports increase. With likes of Manzoor Watoo joining PTI and British nationals whose assets in UK are as controversial as those of Hussain Nawaz as Advisor, the high moral pedestal will by diluted. Than there is that British born son of Indian national, a real estate tycoon, sitting in official meetings headed by PM. 

PTI must not get bogged down with disqualified for life MNS, and concentrate on fulfilling their promises and be seen to boost white economy. They must provide best prosecution and appoint experts in financial forensic and let courts try all accused of corruption. Their decision to carry on with initiative of CJP to build dams is good but than they need to raise revenue through direct taxation and make appointments strictly on merit. 


Peshawar, September 23.