LAHORE - Minister for Health Dr Yasmeen Rashid on Friday inaugurated first-of-its-kind paper-less Green Clinic, the joint venture of Getz Pharma and Augment Care.

The project is aimed at bringing an eco-friendly solution. It will provide patient data on one shareable platform, reduce the risk of prescription error and make the registration process more efficient.

“If small amounts of data from many patients are linked up and pooled, researchers and doctors can look for patterns in the data, helping them develop new ways of predicting or diagnosing illness, and identify ways to improve clinical care”, Dr Yasmin Rashin said.

“It is high time we as a nation take responsibility to reduce our usage of paper. Industries all over the world are going paperless and Green Clinic is a good initiative”, she added.

Managing Director Getz Pharma Khalid Mahmood said “We are hoping our small act can encourage and take this project to a larger scale so there are less chances of error during the time of diagnosis and quality care is accessible for everyone”.

CEO Augment Care Hyder Mumtaz said “implementation of electronic medical record system will be a key in improving the registration and quality of health data, increasing the efficiency of clinical and management processes, patient safety with the availability of their clinical information from any point of the network, and increasing the quality of care”.