KARACHI - The police on Friday registered six cases against notorious Lyari’s last kingpin Ghaffar Zikri and his comrade who were gunned down on Thursday during an alleged shootout.

Lyari’s last standing don Zikri was killed along with his companion and a three-year-old son during an alleged shootout with the police on Thursday morning in troubled Lyari neighbourhood. The police on Friday registered six cases against them.

“We have registered six cases under anti-terrorism act, explosive act, police encounter and attempt to murder against Zikri and his comrade,” says SHO Shahoor Khan Bangash.

Zikri and his son, however, were buried at a Zikri graveyard at Abdul Rehman Goth after his family took his body away with them from the Edhi morgue in Sohrab Goth. Zikri was the father of two sons and two daughters, however, his three-year-old son who was killed during shootout was youngest among all the siblings.

Zikri became a successor of Arshad Papu gang of Lyri in 2005, and gave a tough time to the rival gangster’s don Rehman aka Dakait. The gang war continue between the Zikri and Rehman divided the Lyari into two parts, where gun battle remains continue and claimed hundreds of lives since 2009.

Zikri managed to flee since Amman Committee had been established and Uzair Baloch took the control of Lyari as whole on the directives of Rehman and the then ruling government of the Pakistan People’s Party.

Zikri vanished from the scene till Baba Ladla ruled in Lyari while returned in the locality following the murder of Ladla. Sources privy to the matter revealed that Zikri remains in Lyari since last one years and trying to capture the Lyari again with the blessing of personalities remain in the power corridors.

A large number of people including the family members, relatives and neighboring people, especially women held a protest against the police action that claimed that lives of Zikri and his son.

On the other hand, Sindh IGP Dr Syed Kaleem Imam on Friday rewarded the police party with cash prize of Rs1 million and also lauded their efforts to conduct a major operation in the Lyari that killed a notorious gangster Ghaffar Zikri.

The IGP also visited the police personnel who were wounded during police encounter in Lyari at civil hospital, Karachi and inquired about their health.

Ghaffar Zikri, his comrade and a three-year-old son were killed during an alleged shootout with the police on Thursday morning at Ali Muhammad Muhalla in Lyari’s neighbourhood. Zikri was wanted to the police in about 65 cases of heinous crimes including killings of police and Rangers personnel and his rival gangsters.