Since its inception, Pakistan has seen colossal repercussions under economic growth. The country, currently, is lingering under grave economic trade deficit. However, the fiscal year of 2017-18 unveiled the most appalling picture of economy. The recent economic survey report depicts that the country has stood at 23.2 billion worth export value. Whereas, import rate is extremely alarming with 60.9 billion worth. This imbalanced condition of economy results 37.7 billion trade deficit and downs foreign exchange reserves globally. 

Nonetheless, Pakistan is one of the countries which are rich in natural resources. But despite such a glamorous blessing, the country has long faced export deficit. Even, the country produces rice, leather, fish, vegetables, cotton, knitwear, bedwear and other commodities in a great deal that the counties like the US, UK, China are attracted a lot. So, why export deficit yet? 

Now, the new government has to come up with remedial measures as how to secure the looming economy. Such a grossly import ratio must be limited through energy and industrial progress. Besides, the screw of CPEC should also be tightened to culminate the above-mentioned economic depreciation otherwise be ready for whooping situations. 


Shikarpur, September 23.