There was a new item in the daily News International that the Director Environment of the Capital Development authority (CDA) has suggested that the Marble Industry in the I-9 industrial area be relocated outside of city to Sangjani. This industry is running in the area under the stay order from the SC of Pakistan.

The court had directed owners to environmental control systems that ensure that the factories don’t pollute the environment. Unfortunately, the owners of marble industry did nothing to comply with orders of the SC. One fails to understand that why the environment department does not strictly enforce measures that ensure clean and healthy environment, especially when there is a court order to this effect too. No industry can function and survive without human labor. This industry is quite weak in maintaining adequate standard of labor safety and welfare.

Lack of proper working conditions, living quarters, health facility, and other facilities make it quite a daring task for labor to work in this industry. I would like to draw the attention of CDA and other authorities to the fact that in absence of ensuring proper environmental protection systems and labor support facilities, relocation of the industry to Sangjani or any other area would only fix the issue for a very short time. Pretty soon the new area would be polluted with below par working and living condition for labor as well and locals of the area.

I request the authorities to ensure strict enforcement of proper disposal systems of waste and healthy living and working environment for labor at any proposed site so that issue is fixed on long term basis.