ISLAMABAD    -   The exports of base metals and articles from the country grew by 35.62 percent during the first two months of current financial year (2019-20) as compared to the corresponding months of last year. During the period under review, the export of base metals and its articles was recorded at $115.044 million against $84.827 million recorded during the same period of last year, showing increase of 35.62 percent, according to the data issued by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). The commodities that contributed in positive growth included copper and its articles, export of which grew from $28.295 million last year to $77.044 million during the period under review, showing increase of 172.28 percent. The exports of aluminum and its goods grew by 52.24 percent from $5.742 million to $8.742 million while the exports of tools, implements, cutlery, spoon and forks also increased by 10.86 percent from $12.080 million to $13.393 million. The exports of miscellaneous articles of base metals also increased by 8.57 percent from $0.373 million to $0.405 million.