KARACHI    -   Scores of people suffering from organ failure made a passionate appeal on Saturday for a strong organ donation culture in the country. These people of different age groups, being part of an assembly arranged by the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation (SIUT), said they could get a new lease of life through easy availability of cadaveric donation. “Large majority of us with no family donors are dependent on deceased organ donation,” said a patient suffering from end stage liver failure. These people from different socio-economic backdrops and with age ranging between five years to 60 years and above appeared to be equally hapless due to their health status that but could be transformed through a change in public mindset with regard to donating organs of their deceased relatives. Many of the patients, on conclusion of the ceremony, cited a sudden onset in deterioration in their health with “hypertension” or high blood pressure as the single most factor leading to kidney failure.  Saadia, a 38-year-old mother of a son, explained how she was diagnosed with kidney failure and she lost the baby in her womb. She urged all mothers and would be mothers to be extremely particular about their weight and also avoid stress besides ensuring regular checkup during pregnancy with due care towards blood pressure and possibility of being inflicted with anaemia. Twenty five year old Mohammad Arif, previously associated with Pakistan Navy, was diagnosed with kidney failure while undergoing medical examination for his promotion. “This perhaps is genetic as two other brothers of mine also suffer from the condition, eldest of us also passed away, while remaining three are suspected to reach the condition,” he said.  There were also three sisters Amber, Ambreen and Shabana suffering from kidney failure for past several years and undergoing dialysis thrice a week. “Life is miserable and the only hope is organ donation but there happens to be a long waiting list of those in need of organ transplantation,” said Shabana (35) hinting that her chance to receive organ donation appear to be minimal. There were also Mohammad Abrar suffering from liver failure and Banaras Khan implanted with a device that is not accessible for all those exposed to end stage heart condition.