ISLAMABAD - Eradication of polio virus in the country seems a distant dream as three more polio cases surfaced on Saturday, taking the tally of such cases across the country to 72 this year. One each case was reported from Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

A 17-month-old child, resident of Orangi Town’s Union Council (UC-2), was diagnosed with the crippling disease. The total number of crippling disease cases in the city has reached four.

Sharing details about the latest case, the ECO said the child developed a fever and slight weakness in her right leg. She was taken to doctors for a check-up where the case was classified as acute flaccid paralysis (AFP). Her right limb senses were, however, cited to remain intact. The concerned officials mentioning that as per the EPI card, the child had only received the BCG vaccine in routine immunization, they said required investigations are being made as how many campaign doses of OPV were administered to her.

Girl child turns 8th victim of polio in Sindh

Her stool samples were sent for further investigation, results of which confirmed that she was suffering from the crippling disease.

It may be mentioned that another girl child belonging to the same area was also registered to be inflicted with polio virus only a few months ago.

The latest case confirmed on Saturday has brought the total number of polio to eight in Sindh during 2019 while affected districts were said to include Hyderabad with 2 Cases of polio, Jamshoro with 1, Larkana with 1 case and Karachi with 4 polio cases during the given period.

Earlier, on Sept 23, two new polio cases were confirmed from Lakki Marwat district.

A six-month-old child, resident of Kotka Mushkalam, Tehsil Serai Naurang, District Lakki Marwat, was tested positive for the poliovirus. The second child was an 18-month-old from Kotka Bazee Sheikh, Tehsil Serai Naurang, District Lakki Marwat. As per country wide figures, 72 polio cases have been reported during the current year including 53 cases are from KP/KPDT, 8 are from Sindh, 6 are from Balochistan and five from Punjab.

The Emergency Operation Centre for Polio officials announced that they would now have aggressive campaigns from November 2019 to June 2020, aiming not only to stop polio cases but instead eradicate polio from the environment. 

The EOC and Medical Associations such as the Pakistan Paediatric Association strongly recommend parents to cooperate with polio teams and give their children polio drops during every polio campaign and also inside that the routine immunization of their children is complete so that they can be saved from childhood diseases.