LAHORE   -   Pakistan Airline Pilots Association (PALPA) has claimed that as many as 58 pilots have been declared cleared who were suspended wrongly earlier. Pakistan International Airlines is going through its worst period in the history. Some PIA pilots with cancelled licences are contesting cases in a court of law. The fact is that the cancellation of the pilots’ licenses resulted in nothing but the destruction of the airline. Palpa spokesman said that, in total 141 pilots faced cancellation of licenses; out of them 31 pilots were not in PIA and 26 pilots cleared due to wrong data. Meanwhile, PCAA has announced withdrawal of suspension against all wrongly accused 58 pilots. Moreover, cases of 20 pilots were already in the courts before publishing aviation list 2020. As many as six pilots are suspended for one year, but their cases are in the in court. He said that, Palpa’s stance since the first day has been very loud and clear on the matter that there is a procedure for issuing pilot’s licence. The pilot obtains a commercial license from the PCAA upon completion of the prescribed flying hours and after passing various tests, examinations and practical training. He claimed over 120 commercial pilots serving around the globe including 56 ground engineers serving Kuwait airways lost their jobs because of wrongly declaration of pilots’ licenses. He said that Palpa has never compromised on flight safety and rules, and management has always been guided. Unfortunately, the pilots have been reprimanded for this role, he said.