Rawalpindi-The citizens have urged the law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies and district administration to pay attention to noise pollution and take solid steps in this regard as the problem is aggravating here day by day because of high traffic density, lack of traffic management and use of pressure horns.

Pervaiz, a motorist said it is noticed at traffic signals that as the traffic signal turns green, a chorus of horns including pressure and multi-tone horns in vehicles behind other vehicles goes off forcing other motorists to move on.  Although, various drives were launched in the past by City traffic police (CTP) to remove pressure horns from motorcycles and vehicles but desired result could not be achieved.

Another road user namely Ishtiaq said, the ear drums of the road users are paying the price for the violation by others as loud horns have become a part of life in the town. He said that the problem requires concerted efforts from all the stakeholders. The district administration should ban pressure horn manufacturing, sale and installation. Heavy vehicles with pressure horns should also be prohibited from entering the city, he added. According to a Traffic Police (CTP) Rawalpindi spokesman, CTP have been issuing challan slips to the motorists for using pressure or multi-tone horns.

He said that the usage of pressure horns has increased manifold. He pointed out that now-a-days two-wheelers and small vehicles were also using pressure horns while earlier it was mostly truckers who did so. Many motorists were fitting air horns and contributing to noise pollution, he added. He informed that special drives were launched against pressure horns and a large number of pressure horns were removed from the vehicles. He said challan tickets were being issued for not obeying instructions against pressure horns. 

He asked the drivers to follow the traffic rules which make the journey on roads more safe and secure.  Efforts were being made to persuade the road users in the traffic management and an awareness campaign was also being run for observance of traffic rules, he said stressing strict observance of traffic rules as only through this way, safe and secure journey on the roads could be ensured.