ISLAMABAD-Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chief Executive Wasim Khan has said that the Cricket Committee would take a full assessment of the head coach-cum-chief selector Misbah-ul-Haq’s performance since he took over, saying the workloads on the former skipper because of the dual role would also be discussed.  “The Cricket Committee will conduct a full review of the tour of England and given that Misbah took over his current roles about a year ago, they will also make a full assessment of his performance during this period. If Misbah were to provide an honest assessment, he would probably say that it’s been a mixed year. Misbah is an honest guy and works pretty hard and he will have a long hard look at what he has achieved. In terms of Misbah’s dual role as a Head Coach and Chief Selector, we will have a discussion with him on this subject and certainly about workloads. One point to note is that Younis Khan came into the fold as a batting consultant for the tour of England and if he continues in a similar role, then that will alleviate some of the burden on Misbah’s shoulders.

“As I always say to our critics in Pakistan, please give us some solutions because whenever we ask about who we can replace certain players or coaches with, everyone goes quiet. Criticism and pointing fingers are easy but why not give us solutions for example why not tell us your top 3 coaches who could replace Misbah? This is the kind of challenge we face as changes to any structure or system can only be made if you have better people to bring in.” 

“Right now, Misbah is the incumbent, he is working hard, he is doing the best he can for Pakistan which he has also done over the past 10 years. Opinions will be divided as fans and media will have their opinions, and that is a healthy thing, but this is something we are trying to manage and will have conversations on this subject with Misbah over the coming weeks,” he said.

To a question on giving Younis Khan a permanent role, Wasim said “We are speaking to Younis and whilst nothing has been agreed as yet, it is something which is an ongoing conversation. There is willingness from all parties for Younis to continue in his role, but it all depends on his commitments which he already has in place. The feedback we have had on Younis has been outstanding regarding his contribution during the tour of England and we will keep on talking to him.” 

On the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) to send their team to Pakistan in 2022, Wasim said we expected ECB to come over next year to start looking at venues and there really was no reason to assume that the England side would not come to Pakistan in 2022. “The CEO and the new Chairman of ECB are keen to make this tour happen. We are looking forward to welcoming England in 2022 as we are South Africa in January 2021 and then New Zealand, followed by Australia in 2022 as well. We have two big years ahead of us and the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) tour has paved the way for county sides to visit Pakistan as well. We are also looking to bring in tours by A sides in the future,” he said.