An unfortunate lady accompanied by her children was robbed and subjected to gang rape by criminals near Gujarpura, in front of her children while driving her car on the motorway. What can be worse than this? Does anybody in power realize the life-long impact this gory incident would have on the children and the humiliation and torture the lady and her extended family suffered?

While citizens face insecurity, infant girls raped, the state apparatus is too busy pursuing their egoistic agendas, covering those allegedly involved in corruption, pilfering state funds and other irregularities.

Does anybody realize the damage being inflicted on federation by whoever is involved? Once the faith and confidence of citizens are shattered, it can lead to chaos, which can only be to the benefit of our arch-enemy India, which wants this country to be destroyed.

Where are we heading for? Does anybody realize that nobody would benefit if Pakistan suffers? Quaid e Azam warned us that only the rule of law, the supremacy of constitution and appointments on merit will guarantee long term survival of Pakistan and economic wellbeing of its citizens. All institutions of the state are there to serve the people and protect them, not standby while they suffer.