ISLAMABAD-The Ministry of Interior on Monday placed almost all important formations of the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad under the administrative control of the Capital Development Authority.

In previous government, after the local government election the employees and assets of the CDA were devolved to MCI and accordingly 23 departments fully while 15 departments partially were placed under the administrative control of the mayor.     The incumbent government of Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf remained hostile towards the local government of the capital city since its formation as it is headed by the Mayor of Islamabad Sheikh Anser Aziz, who belongs to the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz.

In a fresh attempt, after getting approval from the federal government, the Ministry Of Interior through a notification placed several departments of MCI under the administrative control of CDA for next six months on interim basis.

The departments taken away from the MCI include all directorates of environment wing i.e. parks, urban and regional environment, directorate of sanitation and city sewerage, directorate of water management, directorate of water supply, directorate of sewerage development, street lights division and machinery pool division.      

The notification states further that CDA would inject more funds into the operations of these formations for better service delivery on urgent bases.

The government in this year also tried to depose mayor through Local Government Commission, however, the Islamabad High Court not only restored him but also declared the formation of local government commission as illegal.

Source informed that there are chances that the mayor, who is going to complete his term in March 2021 would challenge this notification in the court as well to intact his authority till completion of his tenure.