In Pakistan, low standard jobs (sweeper, postman etc) are considered useless and people with these jobs are abhorred.

Now take a minute to think what these people do for themselves. They do nothing for themselves; they are doing it for us, for providing us with a luxurious life. We can’t even imagine a life without these people. Just think what if there were no sweepers? Who would clean the roads, pipelines and take the rubbish away from our houses?

On the other hand, a professor will not do that even for his own house because of his dignity and shame. Now visualize this: if we cannot do such things for even ourselves then why should we disgrace the one who is doing it for us? Remember, we don’t have any right to judge anyone. God has planned the best for everyone according to his work and ability. It’s a social evil to judge others. It causes loss of peace and happiness. Therefore, we should be kind to such people working hard for our farewell.