ISLAMABAD   -   The National Skills University (NSU) on Monday celebrated the World Teachers Day appreciating teachers and trainers.

The Vice Chancellor of the University lauded the teachers’ efforts and sent greetings and respect to teachers worldwide. He stressed if you have learned a single word of wisdom from anyone, respect that person like a mentor/teacher. 

Quoting the Islamic perspective on learning teaching nexus, Prof. Mukhtar mentioned that very first word revealed is “IQR,” mean “READ” highlighting the importance of mentoring.

The Executive Director of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan participated in the event via Zoom. He particularly emphasized that teachers should be respected at all levels, starting from the primary school teachers to professors mentoring scholars and scientists worldwide. Dr. Marri specifically appreciated the National Skills University Islamabad for organizing such a superb ceremony for teachers and trainers. Every teacher in the meeting was presented with a flower bouquet. Notably, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar, Vice Chancellor, National Skills University Islamabad, presented flowers to his teacher Prof. Dr. Sheikh Munir Ahmad.

Prof. Mukhtar described the day very joyful for all teachers towards their recognition by international organizations and personalities, notably a Tweet by the Secretary-General of the United Nations António Guterres quoting, “Teachers play one of the most crucial roles in our societies. We must ensure their work is appreciated and valued accordingly. My thanks all educators worldwide for providing knowledge, support and inspiration, he said.

.” Prof. Mukhtar said, “We all teachers are proud and happy on this day as this is our appreciation day.”

According to Prof Mukhtar, COVID-19 pandemic has inflicted immense losses across the globe. However, it also prepared the teaching community to be ready for challenges hindering physical classes - a routine across the world.