ISLAMABAD - The government of Pakistan has taken over the management of state properties on the request of State of Jammu and Kashmir.   

The government of Pakistan assumed control and ownership of the said properties by promulgating Jammu and Kashmir (Administration of Property) Ordinance-III of the 1961 amendment, as amended in 1977 and 1979, Senate Standing Committee on Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan was informed on Monday.

Properties are divided into urban and agricultural land. Officials briefed the committee that the agricultural lands have been let out to local farmers whereas urban property has been mostly rented to Kashmiri decent.  

A management Committee has been set-up for maintenance of the said properties, which according to estimates will generate income worth PKR 484999 million during Financial Year 2020-21.  

Records of these properties have been managed manually until now. However the Committee was informed that the Ministry will request National Information and Technology Board (NITB) to develop software for digitization of record for easy access and safety.

Challenges faced by the Ministry regarding the maintenance of properties include illegal occupation and encroachment, low rental income, security and issues with Military Estate Office.