ISLAMABAD (APP) - The frequent and rampant trend of sending fake messages through short message service (SMS) by unknown numbers, promising fabulous cash prizes, have caused great concern and annoyance among the subscribers of various cellular companies. A number of subscribes of twin cities appearing perturbed over this surge complained that no authority or cellular companies were taking steps to discourage the trend. They shared that they have received a number of messages from unfamiliar numbers clearly showing attempts to make them hoodwinked. Interestingly, the messages congratulating a subscriber for winning hundreds or millions of rupees, are sent from the numbers not identical with the service centres of cellular companies. The messages also ask the subscribers to ensure replying with NIC number if he or she wants the millions promised above. Mazhar Jalil, a resident of F-7, told APP that he had found a hilarious message of cash prize with blaring spelling mistakes. I usually get messages saying Congratulations you have won $1,00,000 send us your information to get your prize, Farhan Agha, a resident of Satellite Area said. Javed Naqvi, an executive of a cellular company, shared that the subscribers should not respond to these fake messages. The companies have clear terms and policies over the offers. Moreover, the winners of various prizes are informed through their respective companies with specific mechanism having relevant service numbers, he added. He advised users that they must not respond by sending personal information as it would also be harmful. The simpletons can fall prey to beguiling messages hoping to turn their fortunes overnight, opines Khanum Nazir, a sales promotion officer of a cellular company. He suggested that a person receiving such message immediately lodge complaint with the concerned company. Barrister Omar Sajjad suggested that the complainants should approach National Response Centre for Cyber Crimes of the Federal Investigation Agency for filing applications against such forged messages.