Although the issue of involvement of three players of Pakistani cricket team in match-fixing has given rise to a lot of anger against Pakistan cricket team but the controversial video is not a proof of anything. No one should reach a conclusion based on this video--not before completion of investigation anyway. One has been especially struck in this crisis by lack of courage by the PCB, though. The Pakistan Cricket Board failed its defend the players and literally allowed the foreign media free reigns in leveling all kinds of allegations while the team officials preferred to go in a hiding instead of answering the media. Moreover, Ms Veena Malik's irresponsible statement to Indian and Pakistani media against her ex-boyfriend brought still more shame to Pakistan. I think ICC and PCB must look into the matter as a conspiracy against Pakistani cricket team. The credibility of the video has to be examined too and we must also look at the previous record of this media called the 'tabloid press'. I request the Pakistani nation to kindly understand the difference between being suspected and proven guilty. Our players are only suspected and not yet determined to be guilty of the crime. Please have a heart before you set their pictures on fire or write their names on donkeys. -MADIHA WAHID, Karachi, September 3.