Here is an answer to various questions--all with only one theme that feudals alone are responsible for all of Pakistan's ills past and present---------that were raised by Brigadier (Rtd) Farooq Hameed Khan in a recent article titled 'Is change inevitable'. And the answer is, why did not the Army, which has been ruling Pakistan directly and indirectly for sixty three years, abolish the feudal system? If top feudals like Bhutto and Bugti could be eliminated, bringing about land reforms should not have been such a difficult job. The truth is that Army itself became a part of the feudal system by allotting agriculture land to generals in particular and other senior officers of the forces in general. This poor nation has been spending about 6% of its GDP on Defence. Result is that we lost Kashmir, Kargil, Siachin and East Pakistan. We also lost whatever capacity we had to grow socially. The Army leadership succeeded in one mission alone. It succeeded in turning Pakistani's liberal society into an obscurantist one whose consequence is that we lost the minds that can think as well as the peace of mind that one needs. We also lost prestige and our image all over the world. Is it not true that religious extremism and militancy have prospered because of our budgetary allocations in their support because of the 'strategic depth' fever? Feudals have localized control. They have no control over fiscal and foreign policies. Yes, change is inevitable. But, Pakistan cannot change unless it changes its direction and changes from being a theological society to a progressive one, from a security state to a welfare state. -MUHAMMAD AHSAN YATU, Islamabad, September 2.