VENICE (AFP) - American movie star Al Pacino said his future was blank and criticised his latest directorial effort, Salome, on Sunday, ahead of the films public screening at the Venice film festival. The Godfather star is in Venice to receive the Glory to the Filmmaker award for artists who have left an original mark on contemporary cinema, but said he had no idea where he had been going with his latest work. I didnt know where I was going, Im confused, he said about Salome, a documentary and feature film melange based on Oscar Wildes play, the biblical tale of Salome and King Herod which explores the destructive use of sexuality. Pacino becomes both creator and protagonist, as he documents the challenges of making the film, while playing himself, King Herod and, in one scene, Oscar Wilde with rising American star Jessica Chastain in the role of Salome. His obsession with Wilde an Irish writer who was imprisoned and sentenced to two years hard labour for gross indecency with other men underpins the film, but Pacino said he regretted not exploring the playwrights life further. I dont think I covered enough of Wildes personality. He was a provocateur with a superior mind a rare person and a great artist, he said. Looking back over his career which has included films such as Dog Day Afternoon or Carlitos Way, and his first docudrama Looking for Richard in 1996 Pacino said he had long been torn between cinema and theatre. I started to take things I liked, an idea or a play, and I filmed it. Ive made five or six movies on my own, which nobody knows about, he said.