NEW DELHI (Online) - The US Embassy in New Delhi had favoured Government of Indias talks with pro-liberation leaders in Held Kashmir and wanted judicious use of draconian laws, Public Safety Act (PSA), Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and Disturbed Areas Act (DAA). According to Kashmir Media Service, a leaked US diplomatic cable said that the US Embassy also favoured easing of travel controls on pro-freedom leadership.'Any hint of US govt activism in Held Kashmir, ,however, helpful the intentions behind it, will prove counterproductive because of the Government of Indias hypersensitivity to third party involvement in Held Kashmir, the US Ambassador to India, Timothy Roemer, had said in a secret cable to Washington in 2009. The Ambassador said that in order for Indias efforts to restore sustainable peace and stability in the occupied territory to succeed, its engagement with the Hurriyet leadership and with the Kashmiri people must be free of any perception of outside influence. Roemer had outlined a slew of measures that Indian government should take to make forward movement on resolution of the Kashmir issue, particularly the internal dimensions, but warned against making these prescriptive in nature. In the list of 20 suggestions, he had said that India should ensure that dialogue with pro-liberation leaders achieved results and the generous development spending in Held Jammu and Kashmir should continue. 'Release prisoners who have been incarcerated longer than the court-directed sentences, discontinue the practice of re-arresting accused militants who have been released by courts and stop the misuse of the Public Safety Act (PSA), which allows the government to detain anyone for two years without trial, Roemer said in the cable.