KARACHI (Agencies) - The Supreme Court on Monday ordered the Sindh IGP to take indiscriminate action against the culprits behind Karachi unrest and present video of all torture cells in the city on next hearing. The court also asked the IGP to submit a CD containing the interviews of the four persons held for target killings and directed the attorney general to submit report of the intelligence agencies, before it adjourned the hearing of the suo moto case on Karachi unrest till today (Tuesday). As the special bench of the Supreme Court, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry resumed hearing of the case on Monday, the chief justice ordered Sindh Inspector General of Police (IGP) Wajid Durrani to take an across-the-board action against criminals in all areas. CJP said that several areas have been ignored during the operation. Honest officers be brought back and operation be conducted indiscriminately, he added. We are standing with you. We have to complete the case in 8 to 10 days. This has become trend that the accused is presented before media on the next day of his arrest. Later the accused backtracks his statement, said the chief justice, ordering him to provide a chart to the court containing such information as to from where any accused has been arrested and who was killed by him and where. Such information will not let culprits to get scot-free, he added. Iftikhar Gilani, counsel for ANP, said that the recent target killings in Karachi were neither ethnic in origin nor a result of gang wars. Gangs kill only their rivals and not the innocent citizens, he contended. Ajmal Pahari had admitted before all the agencies that he was imparted training in India, he said. Gilani also requested that court summon Interior Minister Rehman Malik regarding a 'disturbing statement he made about the recent rise of violence in the city. He added that statements of Zulfiqar Mirza could not be ignored. The chief justice remarked that why Zulfiqar Mirza stayed quiet for eight years? Why he did not say anything before? Does he want to become a partner in the case? Iftikhar Gilani said army could be called in Karachi under article 147 of the constitution instead of article 24 so that the powers remain with provincial governments. We have seen three martial laws and bells of another martial law are ringing. To this the chief justice asked that why were the police, Rangers and other agencies not being utilised. The ANP lawyer said that the government had the capacity but lacked the will to deal with this issue. The ANP counsel said that decision of this case be kept withheld and it should be monitored what the government was doing. CJP remarked Abdul Hafiz Pirzada had earlier suggested that a wake up call be given to the government. Implementation of constitution is our job. We will see what results Sindh IG gives. CJP observed that 800 persons were killed in Karachi last year and killing was continuing this year as well. Two dead bodies were recovered from Karachi a day before and one person was burnt alive. What the police is doing, he inquired. Mujib Pirzada, counsel for Sindh Bachao Party, said government was supporting extortionists and land mafia. Government of Sindh has issued in Karachi licenses of guns having bores which are otherwise prohibited, while honest police officers have been sidelined. Militant wing of an allied party of government was behind target killings, he accused. Guerrilla war like situation is prevailing in the city, he said. During the proceedings, the chief justice said that the apex court wanted to wind up hearing of the case by Friday. On the last hearing senior lawyer Hafeez Pirzada, representing the Sindh government had completed his arguments. Iftikhar Gilani and Mujib Pirzada completed their arguments on Monday. President Supreme Court Bar Association Asma Jahangir and Karachi Bar President Muhammad Aqil would give arguments today.