MIRPUR (AJK) - The newly-elected Azad Jammu & Kashmir Prime Minister Ch. Abdul Majeed on Monday declared that the accomplishment of goals of freedom of Kashmir and turning the liberated territory of AJK into a true model welfare state are the prime objectives of his government as enshrined in the manifesto of Pakistan Peoples Party under the dynamic leadership of President Asif Zardari. He was addressing a mammoth Estehkam-e-Pakistan rally at Mirpur Cricket Stadium here on Monday at the first leg of his first-ever five-day official trip to Mirpur city and his ancestral constituency of Chaksawari in this district after assuming the august office of the Prime Minister of Azad Jammu Kashmir. The AJK Prime Minister declared that the people of Jammu & Kashmir will leave no stone unturned to contribute their due share for the stability, sovereignty, progress, prosperity and to defend the ideological and geographical frontiers of the country as and when required since the Kashmiris always considered Pakistan their ultimate destination in all respect. The rally, chaired by the PPP City unit President Ghulam Rasool Awami was also addressed among others by former AJK Prime Minister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry besides a number of his cabinet colleagues including Ch Pervez Ashraf, Ch Arshad Hussain, Ch Abdul Rasheed, Javed Badahnvi, Akber Ibrahim, Ali Shan Soni and Afsar Shahid, PPP leaders Shoukat Raja, MLA Sardar Abid Hussain Abid, Sahibzada Zulfiqar, Raja Ghazenfer Ali and others. Earlier, Ch. Abdul Majeed was accorded a rousing reception at Mangla Bridge - the gateway of Kashmir, on his arrival Monday morning. He was brought into a big procession of the people from all walks of life who had move to the Mangla Bridge to receive the newly-elected prime Minister, to the PWD Rest House Mirpur. The AJK Prime Minister continued that it was the manifesto of PPP to liberate Jammu & Kashmir from the Indian yoke and for the achievement of the Kashmiris legitimate right to self-determination was being implemented in letter and spirit by the incumbent popularly-elected peoples government led by 'mard-e-hur - President of Pakistan Asif Zardari and the Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani. He said that PPP is the strongly symbol of complete unity, solidarity and federation of Pakistan and the slogan of 'Pakistan Khapey - raised by President Zardari depicts the high and strong national spirit and policies for strengthening and maintaining the unity and solidarity of Pakistan, he added. Majeed said that the PPP-led government has brought Pakistan to the path of speedy economic progress and prosperity. Referring to the priorities of his government for the speedy progress and prosperity of AJK, Ch Majeed said that the problems of people would be resolved at their doorsteps across AJK without any discrimination. He said that the facilities - harmonious to the need of the modern age including health and education would be provided to people at grass-roots level. He said that Mirpur would soon be turned in to a model city comprising a number of recreation parks and playgrounds coupled with latest water supply and sewerage system. Referring to the ongoing local heated issue of rehabilitation of Mangla dam affectees, the AJK PM said that due rights of Mangla dam affectees as well as the upcoming displaced families of Jammu & Kashmir refugees will be safeguarded in letter and spirit. Ch Majeed said that with the liberal financial assistance of the government of Pakistan, the present government is fully committed to complete the process of resettlement and rehabilitation of the affectees of under-construction Mangla dam raising project before the completion of the under construction gigantic Mangla dam raising project. The AJK PM categorically declared that water would be raised in the Mangla dam in view of the national importance and future needs of the water for the economic progress and prosperity of the country. Majeed said that the provision of liberal financial assistance by the incumbent peoples government of Pakistan stood testimony to the fact that the government was keen for the overall development and progress of the liberated territory including for the complete rehabilitation of the Mangla dam affectees within the stipulated timeframe. CH Majeed announced various development projects including Mirpur International Airpur Trust for the emergence of an international airport in this city of millions of the UK-based expatriates. Addressing the rally, former Prime Minister Barrister Sultan Mahmood Chaudhry lashed out at the outgoing Prime Minister Sardar Attique-led Muslim Conference government accusing the later of plundering and looting the national exchequer during last 10-year tenure in power. Sultan alleged that the Muslim Conference government did nothing for the freedom of Kashmiris nor for the progress and prosperity of AJK during the entire period of its rule in AJK except to fleece the public money for their personal nourishment and vested interests. He pointed out that for the very reason the local problems especially the supply of sui gas to rest of Mirpur city could not be resolved because of the insincere policies of the outgoing Muslim Conference regime based on, what he called, corruption, malpractices and irregularities.