It is astonishing that Human Rights Counsel of United Nations has not taken any notice of recent reports about unearthing of mass graves in held Jammu and Kashmir. Besides Pope of Rome, US and European Union, which often speak up against such atrocities, have so far kept mum. If United Nations and United Sates passed resolutions against the governments of Indonesia and Sudan on the charges of crushing insurgents during civil wars, why dont they take similar course of action against India? International Court of Justice promptly issued arrest warrant of President Umar Abd-ur-Rashid of Sudan. On the face of these pressure tactics, leaders of Indonesia and Sudan had given in and agreed upon announcing Independence to East Timor and Sudan. But it is unfortunate, when issues of Palestine and Kashmir comes, these International institutions and countries who claimed to be the champions of justice and human rights keeps mum and looks hesitant to take any kind of action. Even they do not bother to condemn the atrocities being committed by Israel and India. Kashmiries movement of independence has deep roots in the history. If US and UN forced Indonesia and Sudan to give freedom to insurgents and support recent peoples movement in Tunisia, Syria, Egypt, Libya and Yemen then why do they failed to support 64 year old movement of Kashmiri people? MUHAMMAD AMJAD CH, Sialkot, September 4.