The killing spree in Karachi is going unabated and the governments both at the provincial and the federal level look helpless for the reasons best known to the people who matter. The recent outburst by Dr Zulfiqar Mirza, the former interior minister of Sindh blaming various characters in the government and one political party has created a rumpus throughout the country. He managed to meet DG ISI Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha twice and his last meeting with him lasted for over two hours. I think the DG ISI is not as innocent as he posed to Zulfiqar Mirza. The accurate intelligence reports on Sindh situation are already with the ISI and all those involved in creating the law and order situation in Karachi is well known to him. So I think it was just a waste of time by the general who is helpless to do anything to stop the brutal killings in Karachi. His only job is to brief the Army Chief or the PM about the facts. These facts were known to even Pervez Musharraf but he too for the sake of prolonging his rule reconciled with the killers and their parties. He also did not see the national interest and preferred personal interest thus violating his oath as President of Pakistan. Unfortunately, all the three pillars of the government prefer to keep quiet due to the political compulsions and to give life to the Zardari government. The responsible people of the executive, judiciary and legislature are all merchants of death as no one is making any worthwhile effort to stop the massacre of innocent citizens of Karachi. Everyone in the government is trying to pass time and has no will to do their main job i.e to provide security to the citizens of the country. The situation of Karachi can be controlled within one week if the government leaves the policy of complacency and award capital punishment publicly to the masterminds who are behind all these killings. All the bigwigs are concerned about their own security by employing more than 70 percent of police force to protect them besides using bullet proof limousines bought from the money of tax payers i.e the citizens. The rulers are warned to be serious and be nationalists in solving country's problems before it is too late to handle the reaction of public at large. Perhaps they are not getting correct feedback and hear only what they want to hear. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, September 3.