SIALKOT Former senior minister of Sindh Dr Zulfiqar Ali Mirza Monday called for Swat-like Army operation in Karachi, which should have the support of Nawaz Shairf and other patriots. In an interview with Waqt News and Nawa-i-Waqt, Mirza said some 7,000 innocent people had been killed in the financial hub of the country during the last three and a half years and its onus lies on an 'ethnic political organisation. He said if they were not culprits, they should have no objection over the Army operation. Mirza said he had deliberately chosen the 27th Ramazan for holding his press conference as Pakistan was created the same day in 1947 and the revelation the Holy Quran was also completed on this day. He said if the ethnic political party was again included in the government, it would give rise to a greater chaos and civil war that would annihilate everything. The people would rebel against the PPP in that case, he predicted. Angry Mirza said he had embarked upon a journey to save Pakistan and all the provinces should contribute to this effort. He particularly emphasised on Nawaz Sharif to support Asif Ali Zardari in Army operation against the enemies of humanity in Karachi. The Army, PPP-led govt, PML-N and judiciary had to play their active role in riding the port city of killers and terrorist, he added. On Rehman Malik, he said the federal interior minister was an agent of foreign agencies and launching operation under his supervision would be like befooling the people. Only the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) and ISI Chief can purge the ethnic political party from Karachi, he suggested, warning the Army baton should be used justly. The elected government should take all the people into confidence for countering the conspiracies and intrigues of the ethnic organisation. He said: I have repeatedly said if a decisive Army operation is not conducted in Karachi, and the last chance of seeking accountability of the ever blackmailing political party is lost, it will cause an irreparable damage to the country.