PESHAWAR - Director General, National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Brig Musaddaq Abbasi has said that NAB officers teams would be sent to all big cities of the province to directly listen to the masses complaints. The concerned NAB officers would listen to complaints against the government officials and private persons in connection with corruption, embezzlement, fraud, bogus projects and schemes, said the NAB provincial chief in a statement here on Monday. He added that NAB special teams would visit district Dera Ismail Khan, Bannu, Kohat, Mardan, Chitral, Haripur, and Abbottabad from September 7 to September 23 respectively. The respective teams will hear the complaints of the people in each district for two consecutive days except Chitral where they would stay for four days. In the statement, he also mentioned that NAB has already installed sealed boxes at each District Coordination Officer (DCO) office where people could put their complaints along with relevant documents. If any government official at any office knowingly give any loss to the national exchequer, or know about frauds with a person or department by any one would be listen directly, he said adding or if any department, housing society, or any other firm have extorted money from people could also be register their complaints. Besides, if substandard work done by a contractor in any government project, including schools, hospital, other government schemes, illegal works of travel agents, illegal appointments in any government department could also be listened by the NAB officers on specified dates. It was also stated that if any body want to remain his/her name secret should mail their complaints, or information along with relevant documents at the sealed boxes installed at their respective DCO offices.