ISLAMABAD (PR) The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority and the Intellectual Property Rights Organisation (IPO) have resolved to take a joint action against the menace of piracy in the electronic media. According to the Pemra press release issued on Monday, the unhindered influx of pirated content on broadcast media and cable TV in Pakistan are not only posing serious regulatory challenge but also putting huge loss to national exchequer besides promoting piracy. The Pemra has been in close liaison with other relevant agencies including the IPO to launch serious and concerted drive against the pirated content which is otherwise causing serious harm to countrys repute at international arena. The IPO has an exclusive mandate in this regard to deal with the copy right issues and to ensure as if no violation of copy/proprietary law takes place. The Pemra in a recent meeting held with representatives of the IPO at Islamabad emphasised on chalking out a joint strategy to curb growing piracy in electronic media and also apprised them of actions taken by the Authority in recent past against TV channels and cable operators whereby, not only the pirated content was stopped immediately but heavy fines were also imposed upon them. The Pemra reveals that major impediment undermining the competition and causing unbalance in electronic media sector is piracy. Section 20 (g) of the Pemra Amendment Act-2007 unequivocally ordains that a person who is issued a license shall not broadcast or distribute programme or advertisement in violation of copy rights or other proprietary rights. The Pemra in consultation with the IPO has also issued stern warnings to all broadcast media and cable TV operators asking them to refrain from exhibiting pirated content and they have been directed to submit the copy right record of their content being relayed on electronic media or cable TV networks to the authority. In case, any exhibition of pirated content is observed, legal actions would be initiated against violators under relevant provisions of the Pemra and the IPO laws.