OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE - Reacting to opposition leaders outburst against Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, Punjab Assembly member Zaeem Hussain Qadri has said that Raja Riaz undergoes fits of talking ******** after every other day. In a press statement, Qadri said Raja Riaz issued such baseless statements based on mere assumptions. He said that since the day Raja was deprived of his ministry, he would see corruption in every project of Punjab government, whereas he should take notice of the corruption and nepotism of his leadership. He said that if the federal government failed to start any low cost residential project for common man, the Punjab government could not be blamed for it. He asked Raja to stop unjustified criticism over Aaashiyana and Daanish school projects and give his useful suggestions to leadership of his own party. Zaeem Qadri further said that Punjab government was implementing a coordinated strategy for eradication of dengue virus; therefore, Raja Riaz should stop undue criticism in this regard. He said that after kidnapping of Shahbaz Taseer, law enforcement agencies took immediate steps for tracing him, whereas Raja Riaz had confined himself only to issuing statements. He warned that if Raja Riaz did not change his attitude, he will also lose the office of leader of the opposition in the Punjab Assembly one day.