MULTAN - Senior leader of Jamaat-e-Islami Balochistan Qari Ata Ullah Muslim warned on Monday that Balochistan had turned into a volcano as current rulers kept pursuing Musharraf regimes policies. Addressing a news conference here at local JI office, he said that anti-Pakistan agencies like RAW, Mossad and CIA were given free hand to play their vicious games in Balochistan. He said though the sense of deprivation also fanned the fire, the real hand behind prevailing unrest and war was the hand of foreign secret agencies. He pointed out that pro-India Afghan government also played major role in Balochistan unrest. He said that the trio of India, Israel and America hatched vicious conspiracies to disintegrate Pakistan. But it is highly unfortunate that our government and security agencies have not only failed to block their way but also played the role of their supporters, he alleged. He disclosed that the separatists were getting arms, vehicles and monthly salaries from foreign powers while on the other hand provincial government was helpless. He said that all powers were ceased by the federal government and the provincial administration was not authorized even to hold talks with the saboteurs. He claimed that Balochistan Package and all other announcements were nothing but a serious fraud with the residents of Balochistan. He said that Punjab should play the role of an elder brother at this point to cool down the situation. He said that the future of Pakistan was dependent on Balochistan as all reservoirs of precious natural resources and Gwadar Port were in this provinces. But unfortunately rulers are least concerned on this situation. Instead of taking practical measures to crush terrorists, theyre busy in saving their rule, he maintained. He demanded of the government to empower provincial government to hold talks with separatists, spend Balochistans resources on this province and adopt practical measures instead of releasing mere statements. To a query, he said that the majority of Balochs was patriot and pro-Islam and they were getting united in result of JIs endeavours. He said that the target killing and unrest in Balochistan was part of a vicious plan and target killing could be stopped provided rulers ceased patronizing the killers. He said that use of power would further deteriorate the situation, suggesting the government to settle the issue through political process.