Lately US secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Admiral Mike Mullen have complained that Pakistan has imposed travel restrictions on US diplomats. No offence Ms Hillary Clinton. Pak diplomats do not move about in US to carry out spy activities. They only perform their duties as prescribed under the Geneva Convention. She ought to remember that the Americans were allowed in the country not to indulge in covert activities to destabilize Pakistan. In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa FATA region Swat Bajaur Agency these CIA agents orchestrated bomb blasts suicide attacks where innocent citizens were killed in mosques shrines and other congested areas. The only son of our Information Minister of K.P. embraced Shahdat in one of such attacks. After Raymond Davis case the authorities became alert and most of the CIA agents were sent back to report to Leon Panetta in Washington. Now the US staff in the Embassy feels isolated and starved of information. Recently the American Consulate invited senior Police Officers to an Iftar party, perhaps to sniff some information. Americans were stopped thrice from entering Peshawar and returned to Islamabad. They made a last ditch effort to enter Peshawar by air but were intercepted. Americans have been arrogant. They would refuse to disclose their identity get down from the vehicle to allow our security persons to search. They got away with a call to Rehman Malik who had been assuring Pakistanis that these Americans are here with the permission of the government. For our politicians government servants social workers there are orders for not fraternising with foreigners. These need to be reminded to the concerned people. LT-COL (R) M. AFZAL SAID, Attock, August 2011.