LAHORE – The newly-elected chairman of the Lahore Stock Exchange Dr Salman Shah has said that there are vibrant opportunities of investment in Pakistan especially in the agriculture sector, besides, Pakistan’s geographic location and demographic statistics offer real potentials for growth.He was talking to Bram Klaeijsen, President & Regional Director, Cargill Asia Pacific Holdings Pte. Ltd., who visited Lahore Stock Exchange and held a meeting with him, Farid Malik, General Manager welcomed the delegate at LSE. Bram said that the visit was part of Cargill’s on-going efforts to explore potential growth opportunities across the Asia-Pacific region. During the meeting, Mr. Khuram Zafar, CIO LSE gave a presentation on Spot Trading Eco System to the visiting delegation. He briefed about this initiative of the Exchange under which a country-wide, electronically integrated, transparent ecosystem for spot trading of commodities shall be developed after taking regulatory approvals. He said that LSE plans to invest in a company that will manage a nation-wide ecosystem supporting collateral management companies, insurance companies, logistics partners, banks, technology vendors and trading members.Ms. Beate Bieanik, Regional Communications Director, Mr. Imran Nasrullah, Chartering Manager, Cargill Ocean Transportation, Asia and Mr. Sohail Bhatti, GM Cargill Pakistan were also present on the occasion. Cargill has been doing business in Pakistan since 1984 with operations comprising the trading and handling of animal feed, agricultural commodities and industrial products. Cargill is one of the largest importers of palm oil and palm oil products into Pakistan and also among the largest exporters of raw cotton grown in the country.