ISLAMABAD - Key reforms are needed before general elections to ensure free and fair elections.

Speakers from prominent Pakistani and international organisations briefed about key reforms for general elections in Pakistan here at local hotel on Wednesday.  Domestic and International observers must have right during elections and developed code of conduct for media must be given by Election Commission of Pakistan, that properly reflects the rights of media. Lack of transparency is also one major issue in Pakistan. Democracy Reporting International (DRI) country director Vladimir Pran pointed out the issues.

Centre for Civic Education Pakistan (CCE) Executive Director Zafar ullah Khan stressed that adherence to the code of conduct, neutrality of state administration and reduces violence are the crucial to ensuring free and fair elections. He said, “Measures are requires to ensure all parties publicly denounce violence, intimidation and coercion” Aurat Foundation’s representative Wasim Wagha emphasised “there should legislation to ensure minimum level of women’s voter participation at polling stations and in constituencies and this should be implemented by the ECP”. Free and Fair Elections Network (FAFEN) National Coordinator Mudassir Rizvi demanded that authority of rules and regulations must be given to Election Commission of Pakistan.

He further highlighted the issue of unregistered voters.