PESHAWAR - Elders of Afridi tribe in Khyber Agency have warned the government of migrating to Afghanistan, if the ongoing military operations and drone attacks are not stopped.

They said the law and order situation in Fata was worsening day-by-day, because the government was following the war on terror policy. Addressing a press conference here at Peshawar Press Club on Wednesday, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Khyber Agency, organiser Muhammad Iqbal Afridi said that they lamented that tribes in Khyber Agency had been suffering badly due to military operations in the area for the last five years. “The government has failed to bring normalcy in Khyber Agency. Therefore, we are planning to shift to Afghanistan with a hope to live a better life than we are living in our country,” he deplored. 

Flanked by his local associates, Afrdi said that that before going to establish local government system in Fata and other uplifts schemes, peace must be restored in tribal region, as tranquility was essential for development and progress. “We will reject one sided decision of the government regarding giving a separate provincial status to Fata. The government must induct our suggestions in deciding our fate,” he added and said that they might boycott next general elections if situation in Fata remained worse.

PTI organiser Bajaur Agency Ahmad Zaib called for reconstruction of damaged infrastructure, educational and basic health facilities in tribal region to pull depressive tribesmen out of miseries and hopelessness.

Meanwhile, all Pakistan Oil Tankers Owners’ Association (APOTOA), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chapter, President Nasir Ali Khan Wednesday demanded of the PPP co-Chairman and President Asif Ali Zardari to help them resolve their problems, and rid them of the ‘corrupt’ political agent of Khyber Agency.

Addressing a news conference here at press club, he said that the APOTOA were facing numerous problems with the hands of political administration in Khyber agency, but the authorities concerned were followed a criminal silence over the issue.

He said that in the recently held Shia-Sunni riots in Parachanar several of their oil tankers were burned to ashes, for which the former premier Yousaf Raza Gillani had also announced compensation package. 

But now the incumbent PPP Jiyala Governor Barrister Masood Kauser has turned deaf years towards the burning issue and expressing ignorance, he said, adding although several meetings in this connection were also held with the governor. He said that the political agent Khyber agency Mutahir Zaib has started taking Rs 6000 extortion from each Oil tanker, which is quite injustice, he lamented. The former political agent had also taken Rs4000 from each oil tanker, he informed. 

“Despite a fact that we were rendered numerous sacrifices for party and leadership, but the incumbent PPP provincial leaders and Jiyala Governor have turned deaf years towards the problems facing the APOTOA, Mr Nasir lamented.

The APOTOA president demanded of the President Asif Ali Zardari to take notice of the injustices of the stated Political Agent and other law enforcing agencies, and provide them protection.

He warned to hold protest demonstration in front of President House, if the government was failed to remove the political agent and resolve their problems on priority basis.