LAHORE – The reports about heinous and unscrupulous activities by the world powers, especially spy agencies, against Pakistan has been a regular feature in the international media, which suggest that the foreign intelligence services are employing various tactics to destabilise Pakistan.

In this backdrop, some proofs and facts have surfaced up, exposing the whole game plan.

The arrival of foreign spies disguised as diplomatic and NGOs staff has become an old story, as the entry of suspicious persons without any record in connivance with the immigration and FIA officials has shocked the relevant quarters.

According to the information gathered by Waqt News about a depressing case at the Bahawalpur airport, the names of several intruders were not only removed from the immigration data but also CCTV cameras had been shut to hide their identity at the time of their arrival.

The details show that 16 Bangladesh nationals booked seats on March 28, 2012, for Pakistan, as they paid 34,263 Bangladeshi takas each to a travel agent.

Five of them boarded a flight from Dubai on April 3, 2012, and reached Bahawalpur via Faisalabad, but the FIA and immigration authorities did not record their entry. They were: Muhammad Arafat (Passport No C0069547 - Ticket No 2142981965477), Jakir (Passport No AC6047867 - Ticket No 2142981965494), Hussain Sarwar (Passport No AA6478070 - Ticket No 2142981965478), Shohel Hossain (Passport No AB3004785 - Ticket No 2142981965476) and Muhammad Bilaluddin (Passport No AA6544476 - Ticket No 2142981965475).

After their arrival, the FIA officials did not record their entry in the Personal Identity Secure Comparison and Evaluation System (PISECES). They not only cleared the five Bangladeshi nationals without passing them through the Immigration Counter, but a FIA official accompanied them till their customs clearance.

The data of 75 other passengers was updated in the PISECES, but the five aforementioned men were not included in it.

After the revelation of the alarming episode, the high-ups verified the visas of these persons from Pakistan High Commission in Dhaka, which confirmed that the documents were fake and said it did not issue visas to the 16 Bangladeshi nationals.

The names of the remaining 11 persons, who got bogus visas, are: Moammeruddin, Muhammad Kapiluddin, Muhammad Ibrahim, Motabir Jahid, Motabir Bihari, Muhammad Morsaleen Islam, Muhammad Saifur Rehman, Ripan Meha, Rome Ahmed and Kaleemia.

The sixteen Bangladeshis had planned to reach Pakistan in three groups – five in the first, three in the second and nine in the third.

The fake visa scam panicked the Foreign Office and other quarters. As probe was expanded, the disclosures revealed an uglier picture. It showed that besides avoiding recording the data of five foreigners, all the CCTV cameras ‘stopped’ working when they reached near the Immigration Counter. The cameras were closed for 77 seconds from 06:01:10 pm to 06:02:28 pm.

Another interesting coincidence is that the PISCES computers also remained shut from 06:01:10 pm to 06:05:30 pm for four minutes and 20 seconds.

The whole story executed in a planned and coordinated manner was enough to show the gravity to the matter. The FIA bosses established a high-level investigation committee to probe the matter. Sub-Inspector Rauf and Assistant Sub-Inspector Allah Wasaya were grilled in the initial probe.

The affair raised serious questions about the working of the country’s security agencies. The basic question is, if the people entering Pakistan without or on bogus visas are being intentionally overlooked. And how many people have previously managed to sneak into Pakistan in a similar fashion. Whether it is financial corruption or being done on orders from someone else, Pakistan is suffering in the end. The relevant agencies should try harder to bust the network behind the conspiracy.