The first person allegedly to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong, who died few days back, was an important part of US moon-landing spree made possible with the spacecraft Apollo 11 in July 1969. There have been great conspiracy theories founded on reasonable and convincing arguments. It was believed to be orchestrated by the NASA and other US agencies to win the space race against the Russia, and to distract the public attention from the humiliating defeat suffered by the America’s in the Vietnam War. These allegations and arguments have not either been refuted or answered, effectively, by anyone so far.Likewise, 9/11 incident in New York city is also believed, by the people in the West, in general and Muslim world in particular, to be masterminded by the CIA and Mossad to dominate the Muslim World. All such conspiracy theories have been substantiated by the events that followed. Even though, we saw the invasion into Iraq and Afghanistan as a result of 9/11all the events from the WTC attacks to the death of bin-Laden are shrouded in mystery, doubts, inexplicable and incomprehensible causation. Apollo 11 helped landing on the moon while 9/11 helped US and its allies land in Iraq and Afghanistan. Both Apollo 11 and 9/11 are all-time best productions with the leading role played by Neil Armstrong and Osama Bin Laden respectively and directed by of course, the great hoax master Uncle Sam.MOHSIN RAZA MALIK, Lahore, September 3.