BAHAWALPUR – Jamaat e Islami women district Nazim Dr Sameena Rohi addressing a rally on the Hijaab Day said that it is soul of Muslim women and they know how to protect their soul. “Hijaab is the jewel of Muslim women and it builds self confidence in women. It is the shield of woman. In foreign countries, Muslims women prefer quitting  jobs to losing their identity,” she said. Today’s Muslim women are working equally along with men in every field of life even women are flying airplanes, she added.She added that women can become safe from social hazards by observing Hijaab. She added that our Prophet Muhammad (SAW) declared Hijaab mandatory for women and this is the rule of Holy Quran and Sunnah on which women are acting upon. She said that people who call Hijaab a rope do not know about Islamic teachings. She said that women provided water in the battlegrounds and gave injured troops first aid while staying in cover.Today’s women are working in offices while staying in Hijaab and working along with men equally having many problems but they could save themselves from these problems by observing Hijaab.